About Us

The Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia was formed in 1981 to provide a cohesive network of West Virginia attorneys who defend individuals and corporations in civil litigation.  It currently has a membership of over 500 attorneys, dedicated to the defense of these clients. The organization offers its members resources for sharing information on current legal issues, an expert witness bank, educational opportunities relating to common issues which affect the defense bar, and other benefits to include jury instructions, and a quarterly newsletter.  Membership in the Association is restricted to attorneys licensed in the State of West Virginia who devote the majority of their practice to representing defendants in civil litigation of various types. 

If you are a qualified candidate for membership, "Join Us!"  We welcome your application.  Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed at our next Board of Governors'   meeting.  You will receive notice by mail following the meeting.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding membership or information, please contact the DTCWV office at P. O. Box 527, Charleston, WV 25322-0527 or call 304-344-1611.  

We bring together attorneys who devote a substantial amount of their time to defense in litigation cases. We serve as a clearinghouse for ideas, and we facilitate the exchange of information about relevant court rulings and procedural techniques.

Our goals are five-fold:

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