DTCWV Social Justice Statement

Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia (“DTCWV”) is an organization comprised of nearly 450 attorneys who engage in the defense of individuals and corporations in civil and administrative litigation in West Virginia.  DTCWV’s goals include elevating the standards of legal practice within the State of West Virginia, working for elimination of Court congestion and delays in civil and administrative litigation in West Virginia, promoting improvement of the administration of justice in West Virginia, and increasing the quality of legal services provided to our citizens. 

DTCWV is committed to promoting diversity within and outside of our organization.  We recognize that African-Americans and other groups of people in our society have experienced inequitable and disparate treatment, which is unacceptable.  As attorneys, we must stand against systemic racism and injustice in all of their forms, and we align ourselves with those seeking to create positive change and equality for all through peaceful and lawful means.

DTCWV’s Diversity Committee actively works to support efforts to promote diversity and conversations among our members to find ways to advocate for a better and more equitable legal profession and a more fair and just legal system.  Our organization supports and promotes the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.  In September 2019, the theme of our quarterly publication, The DTCWV Defender, was diversity.  We are committed to continuing these efforts to promote social justice consistent with our Mission Statement.

As attorneys, we are in a position to do more.  DTCWV will continue our efforts to support diversity in the legal profession and to promote social justice to ensure that all persons are afforded equal protection under the law.  We stand against injustice, racism, and other forms of discrimination, and we pledge to fight against them.  Then, and only then, can the promise in our nation’s Constitution be fulfilled that all persons are entitled to equal treatment under the law.