Past President 2022 Survey Responses

In May of 2022 the Past Presidents' Committee, led by Teresa Dumire, decided to prepare and distribute a survey to all DTCWV past presidents to request they share their thoughts and memories about their tenure as president and the impact it has made on their career.  Read further to understand the goal of the survey and read the responses.


As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of DTCWV, we pause for a lookback with some of our past leaders, both to recognize their accomplishments and to provide a beacon for the coming decades.   
Our program traces the development of the Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia from the planning meeting called by Fred Adkins on August 13, 1981 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, through the early formation years in the 1980s, the membership growth in the 1990s, the turbulent economic times of the early 2000s, to the expansion of the mission and scope of the organization in over the last 15 years.  Together, we have faced political, economic, and social unrest, the decline of civility within our practice, the frantic pace of electronic communications, the benefit and detriment of 24 hours accessibility, leadership challenges with the Supreme Court of Appeals, and a global pandemic.  And yet, we persisted and continue to adapt, in part thanks to the common bond and connections we have formed through the DTCWV.   
Our mission statement, which has guided the Organization for the past 40 years, is “[t]o bring together attorneys who defend individuals and corporations in civil litigation for the purposes of elevating the standards of West Virginia trial practice; supporting more