Board of Governors' Committee

Annual Meeting Committee  
Jill McIntyre
Jackson Kelly PLLC
Erik Legg
Farrell White & Legg, PLLC
Mark Hayes
Robinson & McElwee, PLLC 
Teresa Dumire
Kay Casto & Chaney, PLLC 
Jill Cranston Rice
Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP
Peggy Schultz
Nominating Committee
Jill Cranston Rice, Chair
Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP 
Jeff Holmstrand
Grove Holmstrand & Delk, PLLC

Chazz Printz, Jr.
Bowles Rice LLP


Amicus Brief Committee                  
          Mychal Schulz, Chair
                Ancil Ramey
                Daniel Schuda
                Jeffrey Holmstrand
                John Teare
                Karen Kahle
                Michael Gallaway
                Stephen Brooks
                Susan Snowden
                Tamela White
                Thomas Hurney
                Todd Mount

Diversity Committee
            Monte Williams, Chair

Legislative Committee     
          Jill Rice, Chair                    
                John McCuskey
                Chazz Printz
                 Erik Legg
                 Lee Hall
                 Mark Hayes
                 Nate Tawney
                Jeff VanVolkenburg

Membership Committee     
         Current Secretary, Teresa Dumire
                Mark Hayes,
                Susan Snowden
                Jill Rice

Program And CLE Committee
           Executive Committee

Social Media & Website Committee
          Bernard Vallejos, Chair 
 Special Committees
Email Case Law Committee      

        US District Court,  Northern District - Jeff VanVolkenburg
            Fourth Circuit, - John Teare, Jr.
            US District Court, Southern District - Mark Hayes
            WV Supreme Court – Tom Hurney

Legal Assistants Committee
         Jill Francisco, Chair
Student Committee
         Teresa Dumire, Chair

Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia
P. O. Box 527, Charleston, WV 25322-0527
304-344-1611, 304-344-4711 fax